Saturday, January 24, 2009

P90x - The Proof

The new fitness craze.... P90X. I recently introduced my old EMT partner, Zach, to the program..... Sure it's not wedding or engagement pictures but the results are definitely picture worthy! Here are a few snapshots I took!

This is a fitness program that guarantees results within 90 days.... hence the name P90X. The routine consists an hour to an hour and a half work out 6 days a week with rest or stretching on the 7th day. You alternate your strength training and cardio days, so 3 per week each. You repeat your workouts for 4 weeks - then the muscle confusion hits!! Your strength training days become new workout for the next 4 weeks... then again the strength training workouts change. So each month you are doing cardio and 3 new strength training workouts. All this combined with a wonderful nutrition plan and the weight will fall off. Just check out the results!

.... and here's what P90x did for me!!

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Anonymous said...

good job! you look amazing! i hope it works that well on me im on my 4th day and have about 35lbs to loose!