Friday, April 24, 2009

Kara Noelle - 1 Year Old

Even though we specialize in wedding and event photography, we love doing family pictures! In particular, I love doing infant/toddler pictures! Turning one is a BIG deal, and toddler portraits are great presents!! Our little one, Kara Corona is going to be one year old in a couple weeks!!! We can hardly believe how fast time has flown by... and how much she has grown! She is a little lady now! We took a couple (haha, yeah right!) pictures for her first birthday, so I can include one in her birthday invitations. She takes such great pictures, even when she is being a grump!! Here are a few of my favorite!

Crafton Hills Fire Academy - Part 2

Even though we mainly do wedding photography, it is nice to take a break and give attention to those who save our lives in time of emergency. Nick is going through the Fire Academy at Crafton HIlls College to becoming a firefighter. The academy is coming to an end and our men and women have been shaped and molded into incredible firefighters! Family was invited to a training exercise earlier this week so I snapped a couple pictures of one of their stations. It was pretty incredible.

Each academy presents the Chief with a plaque that goes into the training hall. In the plaque are pictures of each squad, as well as the entire academy. Here are some of the finest young men and women around!!

Here is the entire Academy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

March of Dimes

Today is the last day to make a donation to the Steik family's walk in the March of Dimes so we can match it! You can still donate after today, but any fund received before midnight Friday April 17th will be matched by Nick Corona Photography. Her goal is $300. She is currently at $135. Please help us!!! ANY amount of donation will help... even $5.00.

Let's make a small difference!

You can donate online here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vanessa Nelson - Trash the Dress

Vanessa, one of my best friends was married in March. After her wedding and honeymoon, and her and Scott were able to take a break from the choas, Nick and I did a Trash the Dress session with her. Vanessa is our perfect example of how the Trash the Dress sessions are to reflect you. Vanessa and Scott enjoy many evenings around their pool... therefore what better place to snap a few shots than in the pool? Vanessa was actually thinking of the idea the same time we were - so there was no persuasion necessary!

Trash the Dress sessions are to reflect you and your true personality... uninhibited. What an awesome way to create memorable photos!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Noah & March of Dimes

You may have seen our earlier post about the March of Dimes walk coming up. One of our former brides and grooms recently had a Noah...who was very, very early. Sara is walking in the March of Dimes walk to help others who, like her family, have a premature baby. Noah is doing great, and is getting stronger and bigger everyday. Please help us support Sara, her family, and other families too! Nick Corona Photography will match every dollar donated to Sara's walk. Lets help her meet her goal!!

Here is a picture of Baby Noah taken a couple weeks ago. He is about 10 pounds. He is 4 months old.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top 3 Reasons to do a Trash the Dress session

Trash the Dress sessions, or Day After sessions are done the day or week after your wedding. Most people think, "What!? I am not going to have a Trash the Dress session! I paid $1000 for this dress!" Let me assure you, you do not have to ruin your dress. While your dress will get dirty, at a Trash the Dress session is it more about having fun, letting loose and reflecting your true personality. Here are the top 3 reason to splurge on a Trash the Dress session.

3. Relaxation. On the day of your wedding every effort is made to keep your dress pristine. From the moment you zip it up, until you leave the reception it is hands off the dress! Trash the Dress sessions are much more relaxed. You can get dirty, greasy and wet and not have to worry about looking good for your reception.

2. Time. Getting that picture that takes your breath away takes time. In the 40 minutes or so between your ceremony and reception you may not have the time to go off-scene to prime photography locations. Our Trash the Dress sessions are two hours long. That allows for plenty of time for driving from place to place, accessory changes, and HAVING FUN! The more time you have, the more fun and unconventional your pictures will be!

1. Reflect Yourself. Even the non-traditional wedding will have some tradition in it. You may have worn pearls, grandma's veil, or red roses. At a Trash the Dress session, change it up. Reflect your personality. You can add chunky, bold jewelry; your favorite shoes or try a new hair style that you were too nervous to wear on your wedding day. Those leopard print pumps, bright green accessories or his army boots are all great ways to create pictures that reflect you.

Trash the Dress sessions are relaxing, fun, unconventional, beautiful and priceless. Not only do you get to wear your dress again (for all the times your mom and dad said, "But you are only going to wear it once!"), but you get memorable pictures that are a reflection of you, and that no one else has! It may even be worth it to skip the traditional engagement pictures and go with a Day After session instead!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Crafton Hills College - Academy 70

Nick is on the home stretch in the Fire Academy at Crafton Hills. These last couple weeks have been filled with fun yet insane training activities that most us civilians cringe just thinking about. While we are thankful for all the cadets that go through the Fire Academy and become firefighters, having a spouse training for the life rescuing scenarios can cause a little anxiety. Here is a few of the training exercises they have been doing. The picture shown above is from the Confined Space exercise. They had to go through this pipe in their full turnouts, including Breathing Apparatus'. No room for claustrophobia here!

Auto Extraction - Thats right. They train on how to use the jaws of life...How to tear apart a car while keeping the patient in tact!

Repelling - Scaling down sides of buildings. Every boy (and some girls) always dream about being Spiderman. Talk about a dream come true for these cadets!!

Auditorium Raise - This is definitely not a training exercise for those with a fear of heights! Four cadets at the base of the ladder, and four more on safety lines at each 90 degree angle is all that holds this ladder up. One at a time each cadet climbs to the top, secures their leg, and lets go. This takes bravery to a whole new level!

Hose Recovery - A cut off fire hose has 350 PSI at the end. We have hundreds of pictures that show these grown men and women getting tossed around the parking lot by this massive charged hose. Here a few of my favorite.

In just a few weeks these cadets will have graduated the 70th Fire Academy at Crafton Hills Community College. With new, lifelong friends these 30 men and women are launched into our world... Ready to become our Heros.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Photography Discount

It seems like everywhere you look businesses are closing, shops are holding Clearance sales, and stores are offering discounts. As a once bride myself, searching for wedding vendors, I was always thankful to the vendors who went the extra mile. We thought it might be helpful during these economic times if we offer a little extra with our packages. Weddings are very expensive; when looking at wedding photographers sometimes a little discount, or some free prints can make a difference when you are on a budget and cannot order them yourself. Let us give something back to you!

Here is what we came up with. If you book your wedding in the month of April we will include a few enlargements of your favorite pictures. You will get:

- 2: 11" x 14"
- 4: 8" x 10"

You just let us know what six pictures you want enlarged after the wedding and we will do Advanced Touch Up's on them, and get your enlargements ordered. More for your money!! After all, isn't that what everyone is looking for right now?