Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Avoiding Wedding Photography Nightmares

The following is NOT one of our images...but I think it adequately portrays how some brides feel when they find out their photographer is not living up to the promised standards.

With the economic slow down, it is natural for brides and grooms to tighten up their budget a little bit. However, going with the cheapest photographer may not be the best alternative. Recently, we have been presented with a few obstacles that some of our couples friends and families have encountered. Naturally, they want to ensure that will not happen to them as well. After listening to their stories, and then researching a little on the web, we have found several other instances where couples were unhappy with there photographer. Here are the top four nightmares that we have come across, and what Nick Corona Photography does to AVOID these situations.

4. Photographer took to long in producing the albums or package element.

We have heard horror stories about people waiting over a year to get their albums!! Nick personally designs all of the albums, and we work our hardest to get the preliminary (first) design completed within 8 weeks of the wedding. Once our couples have viewed the album, they can make as many changes to it as they want (i.e. switching pictures, color options, text, etc). Once we get the final approval from the bride and groom, it takes 6-8 weeks to get the album printed and leather bound. We have had couples receive their album within 3 months after their wedding because they were quick at getting their changes back to us. We have other couples that have taken their time with the changes, making sure it is exactly as they want it. In any case, once we receive final approval, your album should be received within 10 weeks (I added in mailing transit time).

3. Photographer simply does not show up.

This is a crazy story have to hear! In fact, a couple of our brides have hired us to do the "re-shoot" of a mock wedding because their photographer did not show up. Sounds unimaginable, I know! With Nick Corona Photography, you do not have to worry about us not showing up! Other than life-threatening situations, a photographer with Nick Corona Photography WILL be there. Let me explain a little further. Nick and I are the main photographers. There are several associate photographers that we work with. If one of us are unable to make it, an associate photographer would go in our place, with us. If neither of us could make it (this would only be because of the life-threatening situations I mentioned before), then two of our associate photographers would be there to cover the wedding. We have never had that happen, and I will not even say "Knock on wood!" because I am confident that would never happen.

2. Photographer misses shots due to lack of coverage.

We have heard of this only a couple of times. The usual situation is something like this: The photographer is in the bathroom during the cake cutting. Or steps out to take a drink of water and the bride and groom share an intimate moment. Here at Nick Corona Photography we believe that providing adequate coverage is the responsibility of the photographer. All of our "all-inclusive" packages include two photographers. Also, we will ask how many anticipated guests are at the wedding. If there are more than 200 anticipated guests, we will bring a third photographer for no additional cost to you. Ample coverage lies on us...not on you.

1. Photographer takes too long in returning the pictures.

This is the most common worry that we have heard from our brides. Statistics show that every person knows at least 6 people that get married every year. That is six times a year that you have the potential of hearing about how long people are waiting to get their wedding pictures back. The longest we have heard is 9 months. That is...nine months to even SEE their wedding pictures. Let me tell you something. Nick and I pride ourselves on having your pictures done within 2 weeks of your wedding date. Our goal is to have them done by the time you return from your honeymoon. Most of the time we meet that goal. Sometimes it takes us 10 days...I can only think of 2 times that it has taken us the entire two weeks to get the images posted online for our brides to see.

All in all, Nick and I make it our personal goal to make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible as far as your pictures go. We want your pictures to reflect the time and energy you spent planning your well as every smile while you are enjoying it! There are a couple places you can go to make sure that the photographer you are considering has not had any bad reviews. One is Complaint Board. Another way to check is to type the photographers name into Google with the words "reviews" or "complaints" after it. Bridal Tips has a great article published on How to Choose a Photographer. There are many great articles published with advice on how to pick a wedding photographer, including questions to ask your photograper. Most likely, if you go through these questions with your photographer, you will be able to avoid the above nightmare scenarios.

Also, Nick and I would love to discuss your concerns at any time. Just give us a call, or schedule a consultation so we can sit down face to face and talk about them. We will go over any concerns you have, and do our best to talk you through them. I am confident we will eliminate any and all concerns you have!!

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