Monday, March 9, 2009

Crafton Hills Fire Academy

Nick is currently enrolled in the Fire Academy at Crafton Hills. Crafton Hills is a Junior College/Trade School that has a prestigious Fire Science program. The finally of the Fire Science program is their Fire Academy. Once you have completed the fire academy, and your hours with a fire department, you will receive your "Firefighter I" Certificate. Even though the training is rigorous, the PT can be trecherous and the lectures hours long, the Crafton Hills Fire Academy has continuously attracted enough participants to need a selection process!! Between pitch black obstacle courses; hose and ladder evolutions, races between squads, and lint-picking inspections (literally) the camaraderie and brotherhood established will last a lifetime. This spring academy is Academy 70. The band of brothers that make up Academy 70 are the most fun cadets...Nick is having a blast! See if you can spot him in any of the pictures.

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