Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adrienne & Frank - Hotel Laguna

After a few years in wedding photography throughout all of Southern California, we have found a couple venues that we would recommend to our brides. From San Diego to Los Angeles we have scouted venues, finding the perfect scenic backdrops at Upland Hills Country Club, Green River Golf Course, Hidden Valley Golf Course, The Castaway, California Baptist University, Mission Inn, The Mitten Building, University of Redlands, Monteleone Meadows, and UCLA, just to name a few.

Wedding photography, in particular, can highlight all the fantastic architecture and scenery at the venue .Hotel Laguna is definitely one of them! Adrienne and Frank got married mid-July at Hotel Laguna on perhaps one of the hottest days of the year. Adrienne was a great sport, and despite melting most of the day, she gleamed from ear to ear as her eyes locked with Franky's when she walked down the aisle. Sparks flew as if it was July 4th, and we were glad to be there to capture their love for each other.

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