Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jessica Bartolome - Trash the Dress

Trashing your wedding dress is becoming more and more popular. Most of our brides are making a bold statement when they decide to trash their dress. They are saying, "I am married; I will NEVER need another wedding dress!" What an awesome way to show your husband you meant your commitment!

Some of our brides are looking for the edgier, unconventional, "no one else has this" photo... we are at your service! We LOVE the opportunity to take photos in one of the most expensive dresses you have probably ever bought and go to obscure locations just to give you that perfect picture that will "WOW!" your friends. That is what trashing the dress is all about!! Here is one of our latest trash the dress session.

A little dirty, maybe a little grimy... but nothing a dry cleaner cannot get out!

-The Corona's

1 comment:

lamy said...

I loved your photography, you capture the right moments... I wish I can be as good as you one day.

Good luck with your amazing work. :)