Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Photography's not ALL about photos

Surprisingly enough, 10 out of 10 of our brides that we interviewed said we won them over with our personality. What does this mean? Brides today do NOT want an excellent photographer with lousy people skills! They deserve to have their cake - and eat it too... I mean, they deserve an excellent wedding photographer WITH excellent people skills!

We have heard horror stories from bridesmaids, and even brides that switched to us after an engagement shoot with someone else, about how impersonal and ultimately unprofessional their photographer was. We were recently asked by a bride, “How is it that a photographer can get behind the camera and forget their people skills?” Our answer… “We have NO idea!!”

Nick and I take extreme pride in our photography, but we take more pride in the relationships we build. I asked Nick before writing this, “What is the one thing you would tell an aspiring wedding photographer?” Here was his answer. “Take your clients out for a cup of coffee! Don’t let the camera be a wedge in your relationship. You should act like the camera is not there, and allow the bride and groom to be themselves. When you are taking pictures, forget that you are running a business and become a friend.”

I think this is what Nick meant: If you are able to create an environment for the bride and groom to be comfortable, to be themselves, to be at ease with an enormous camera feet away from them, then you will be a successful wedding photographer. Anyone can learn the aesthetics of a good photo, and proper lighting techniques…but not everyone can take a photo that captures the bride and grooms personality and feelings at that exact moment in time.

Schedule a consultation with us or let us take you out for a cup of coffee...we'd love to meet you!

-Nick & Liz Corona


The Limon's said...

I LOVE this picture and want a copy of it. You guys are so darn cute! Yes it's true, you guys have a very warm make people feel comfortable around you immediately.

dave said...

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my business, anyone can push play. It's when and how I do it.

Jamie Blunt said...

love this picture of you two