Saturday, February 20, 2010

Adam & Andrea - It's all in the Details

Planning a wedding does not have to be stressful (though it usually is!) Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of do-it-your-self articles and planning guides to help today's bride plan her wedding. But, today's bride does not just want to be involved with the planning...they are hand's on, personalizing, "Making sure this reflects us!" kinda bride.

That is my kind of bride...which is why our goal is to capture the moments that reflect the true you as well. Your heart and soul goes into planning every last detail, and we will be there...cameras ready... to snap away of you enjoying all your hard work.

Adam and Andrea did just that. They spent their day enjoying all their planning, and did not stress if there was a hiccup. Andrea put her flowers together herself after ordering them from Riverside Flower Club!! One of her friends even made the wedding that is keeping it personal!

We loved everything Adam and Andrea did to bring together their closet friends and family as they said their vows and tearfully were announced "Husband and Wife". Nothing is sweeter... and I am sure that at that moment... they may not have cared so much about all the little details.


Adam said...

Hey Nick, Its the groom. love the pics brother! keep in touch

Lily said...

Awww so pretty!

Wedding Photographer in Colchester said...

I think the detail shots are so important, you have some great photo's here showing how you capture them and how integral they are.

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