Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh to be Engaged!

Getting engaged is one of the most fun times of your life, up until the wedding day, of course. The romantic idea of being together forever, the precious image of holding hands at 80 years old as you cross the street, the beautiful wedding dream within grasp, are all floating around in your mind from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep (and even while your asleep for that matter!!) It is only fitting to celebrate this fun, beautiful, loving -albeit sometimes chaotic - time in your life with some Engagement Pictures! Engagement sessions are geared towards capturing the romantic love shared between the two of you and the fun energy you bring to each other. They can be traditional or contemporary, but the main thing is they REFLECT you and your relationship!

We love engagement sessions because they give us a little one on one time with our brides and grooms, as well as give the bride and groom an opportunity to get familiar with our camera equipment. An even greater bonus is that the engagement photos can be used at your wedding as centerpieces, made into awesome sign-in books, played as a slideshow during your reception... the possibilities are endless!

Right now we are offering 1/2 off our engagement session when you book your engagement session and wedding package together - contact us for details!

Here are a few of our recent engagement sessions that we wanted to share with you!

Aiyana & Jason - Laguna Beach

Audrey & Jeremy - Balboa Beach

Missy & Jake - Downtown Riverside

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Some more great shots!!!!!