Monday, March 22, 2010

Christy & Josh - Laguna Beach

We recently took a drive down to the 1000 Stairs Beach in Laguna where we met up with an awesome couple, Christy & Josh. The day was perfect considering all the recent showers we've been having. The couple, Christy and Josh, were super fun too! He's an active Marine she's a college student. They're story is awesome, too! They've actually known each other since they were in elementary school. Josh used to live in Michigan next door to Christy's grandparents. She would come visit her grandma during her summer breaks. As they grew older, they lost contact. They later reconnected when Josh got stationed in N Carolina, the same town where Christy was going to college. They ran into each other, then started dating, then fell in love, and more recently moved to California. Talk about destiny! Sounds like the perfect date movie! :) Here is a few from their engagement session.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE these photos! The epitome of excellence.

Abbey Saloiye said...

Love these images! The beach feels so warm.

Wedding Photography Colchester said...

Hi great looking couple, lovely scenery and super photo's