Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why take time to practice in the mirror?

Every girl does it, even if they wont admit it. Every girl practices that seductive look - the piercing eyes, the parted lips, the firm jaw line. It's the look in every Calvin Klein ad, most perfume ads, and about every pop-star and actress has it mastered. How did they master it? They practiced in the mirror, were coached on it, and tried thousands and thousands of times in front of a camera.

This look of seduction is fun to practice. Get your favorite lip gloss and try it out. Some of us girls are better at it than others. I fall in the "not-so-good" half, but Nick frequently humors me and tells me I am getting better (See... I practice). An engagement session is one of those times to practice for the camera. Of course, not every photo will have that look, but it gives you some air time to try out what you have learned thus far. We want you to, quite literally, work the camera! The more you are able to let your guard down and allow yourself to be beautifully you in front of the lens, the more it will show.

Last week Jasmine Star wrote an awesome blog about giving the woman permission to feel beautiful in front of the camera. Permission to be yourself, go for it! This is quite along the same lines. Nick and I are never judging from behind the lens. We are dying for your guards to fall and for you to "ham it up" (as we tell Kara).

This is another reason we LOVE, love engagement sessions. They are prep for the bridal session, trash the dress session and wedding.

We photographed Samantha and Mike's engagements a couple weekends ago down in the beautifully spectacular Orange County. We started at Rancho Capistrano and then headed over to Laguna Beach to catch the sunset. Samantha is one of the women that fall into the "Perfect every time" category for the seductive look. She has it nailed. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.


Matt Tov said...

These pictures are great, you've really captured the brides amazing eyes

Tony Sale Photography said...

Lovely pictures and I love the write up. Also admire the work of Jasmine Star