Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WPPI 2010 - Las Vegas

We left for WPPI four days ago. Six photographers, nine pieces of luggage, six camera bags, three purses and an ice chest. The four hour drive flew by as we discussed current marketing trends, recent business adventures and heart felt desires for the upcoming week at WPPI. Before we knew it we pulled into our dusty, middle-of-renovation Tropicana Hotel. WPPI was at the MGM, and Tropicana is right next across the street. Luckily, our team of photog's had a great sense of humor as we joked about choosing the power tool we would prefer to be woken up by and the awesome rustic feel the taped off windows and doorways gave us.

As soon as we got there an unloaded our Suburban full of luggage, we hiked up a couple flights of stairs and flung ourselves onto our beds. There really was no time for rest, we had our first photo shoot about an hour after we arrived. Emma Smith, in association with Pay It Forward Photography hosted a Bridal Session around the strip. Here are a few of our favorite from the shoot.

I have many posts to write about as we debrief from the sensory overload of WPPI. Being surrounded by 11,000 photographers and a couple thousand vendors was remarkable, to say the least. Besides the sheer excitement of the Canon booth (for me) and the Nikon booth (for Nick) we were like little kids on Christmas day as we walked around and met with some of the coolest people we have ever met! Trust me, I have several blogs to write about the awesome vendors we met and how they stole our hearts... stay tuned.

-Liz Corona


Rosy and Damon said...

Hey Guys, great shots! Your blog is stunning. It was great meeting you at our program this morning. You guys are too cute :)

Abbey Saloiye said...

So great to meet you guys in person. Had a blast!

Emma said...

Love them! Thanks for coming out and joining the shoot

Wedding Photographer Colchester said...

Gorgeous pictures - I love the very first one so soft so feminine