Monday, April 6, 2009

Crafton Hills College - Academy 70

Nick is on the home stretch in the Fire Academy at Crafton Hills. These last couple weeks have been filled with fun yet insane training activities that most us civilians cringe just thinking about. While we are thankful for all the cadets that go through the Fire Academy and become firefighters, having a spouse training for the life rescuing scenarios can cause a little anxiety. Here is a few of the training exercises they have been doing. The picture shown above is from the Confined Space exercise. They had to go through this pipe in their full turnouts, including Breathing Apparatus'. No room for claustrophobia here!

Auto Extraction - Thats right. They train on how to use the jaws of life...How to tear apart a car while keeping the patient in tact!

Repelling - Scaling down sides of buildings. Every boy (and some girls) always dream about being Spiderman. Talk about a dream come true for these cadets!!

Auditorium Raise - This is definitely not a training exercise for those with a fear of heights! Four cadets at the base of the ladder, and four more on safety lines at each 90 degree angle is all that holds this ladder up. One at a time each cadet climbs to the top, secures their leg, and lets go. This takes bravery to a whole new level!

Hose Recovery - A cut off fire hose has 350 PSI at the end. We have hundreds of pictures that show these grown men and women getting tossed around the parking lot by this massive charged hose. Here a few of my favorite.

In just a few weeks these cadets will have graduated the 70th Fire Academy at Crafton Hills Community College. With new, lifelong friends these 30 men and women are launched into our world... Ready to become our Heros.


The Limon's said...

I remember my brother going through this...I remember especially the "Auditorium Raise"...I watched them do that one time and it was scary!
Go Nick...we are so proud of you. This is hard, selfless work, yet rewarding. Micah LOVES the pictures of you.

Anonymous said...

You look like a natural at what you are doing. Henry and I are so proud of you! We are looking forward to seeing you at your graduation.
God Bless You!
The Moreno Family

Salyna said...

Nick these pictures are amazing! We are soo proud of you cousin. It must be great to be apart of such a wonderful team of young men. I can see why you love it so much. Take care & we will see you soon.