Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top 3 Reasons to do a Trash the Dress session

Trash the Dress sessions, or Day After sessions are done the day or week after your wedding. Most people think, "What!? I am not going to have a Trash the Dress session! I paid $1000 for this dress!" Let me assure you, you do not have to ruin your dress. While your dress will get dirty, at a Trash the Dress session is it more about having fun, letting loose and reflecting your true personality. Here are the top 3 reason to splurge on a Trash the Dress session.

3. Relaxation. On the day of your wedding every effort is made to keep your dress pristine. From the moment you zip it up, until you leave the reception it is hands off the dress! Trash the Dress sessions are much more relaxed. You can get dirty, greasy and wet and not have to worry about looking good for your reception.

2. Time. Getting that picture that takes your breath away takes time. In the 40 minutes or so between your ceremony and reception you may not have the time to go off-scene to prime photography locations. Our Trash the Dress sessions are two hours long. That allows for plenty of time for driving from place to place, accessory changes, and HAVING FUN! The more time you have, the more fun and unconventional your pictures will be!

1. Reflect Yourself. Even the non-traditional wedding will have some tradition in it. You may have worn pearls, grandma's veil, or red roses. At a Trash the Dress session, change it up. Reflect your personality. You can add chunky, bold jewelry; your favorite shoes or try a new hair style that you were too nervous to wear on your wedding day. Those leopard print pumps, bright green accessories or his army boots are all great ways to create pictures that reflect you.

Trash the Dress sessions are relaxing, fun, unconventional, beautiful and priceless. Not only do you get to wear your dress again (for all the times your mom and dad said, "But you are only going to wear it once!"), but you get memorable pictures that are a reflection of you, and that no one else has! It may even be worth it to skip the traditional engagement pictures and go with a Day After session instead!

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