Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with the Corona's

Kara is never deprived of pictures, but they are the typical, capturing every day life - kinda boring after a while - kind of pictures. Today was special... she got to dress up and she absolutely LOVED her ladybug costume. She would walk around pointing to herself saying, "Look!" or "I love it!" It was priceless. We snapped several of her running around the yard... these are sure to go life-size in her room as we re-do it for Christmas! The captured her personality perfectly... giddy, giggly, gleeful and yes, even a little blurry!

-enjoy :)
Nick & Liz


The Limon's said...

Oh my goodness, she melts my heart. I love these pictures!!!!

Tim and Erin Long said...

She is so precious!