Friday, October 16, 2009

Recent Engagement Pictures

To take or not to take engagement pictures is a common questions we get asked. "I am camera shy!", "I am not photogenic...", "Isn't it sappy and cliche?", are a few of the hesitations we hear. Here is the thing, you should take engagements...ESPECIALLY if you are camera shy!! Getting to spend a little time with your photographer pre-wedding day, and learning the feel of the camera is a sure-fire way to kick that shyness! Instead of saying you are not photogenic, let your photographer know if you have a profile side that you favor. Lips are big (meaning important) in engagement sessions... so don't be afraid to throw on a bold color, or interrupt the lip-locking session to freshen up the gloss.

Sappy and Cliche? They certainly don't have to be!!! We definitely have the requests for the traditional beach or park engagement pictures, and there is nothing wrong with that. Families love them and they are great to hang in the entrance to your home... but these days engagement sessions can be much more unconventional! Take a stroll down the streets of Los Angeles, or jump into a busy boardwalk at the beach and your engagement pictures have gone from traditional to trendy --just like that!! Nick and I have tons of cool places to take engagement photos, so if you are open to the unconventional, just shoot us an email asking for some ideas on locations...we're bubbling with information!

Here are a few of our recent engagement sessions. We hung out with Lily and Chris in Venice Beach, CA, which was incredible. Where else are you going to see guys walking down the street with 12 ft. Python's wrapping around them?

We spent a little time with Veronica and Gustavo at USC in Los Angeles on probably one of the nicest days we have had in a while!! Even though school was in session, the students were gracious and jumped out of our pictures!

We also got to get to know Erick and Vanessa romping through the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Getting to spend some time with our brides and grooms is fun, but getting to capture their personalities... that's what makes us keep picking up the cameras!

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